The Seashore Project  v.1.0

Seashore is a free, open-source image editor for built entirely in Cocoa.

Seashore Clock ScreenSaver

Decorate your desktop with original clock built in a small sea yacht anchored near a paradise tropical island. Let your spirits to get high into the rainbow sky! Features: Sea Yacht Clock Animated scenery Jumping Dolphin Flying


Villa Banana  v.1.1.0

Design your very own villa and garden on the seashore in this engaging Match 3 game! Work your way through adorable levels with tons of juicy fruits and a sunny island setting! Earn lots of gold to buy new upgrades like flamingos or exotic peacocks.

Monster & Me  v.2 50

Far to the East, there exists a land where humans and monsters co-exist. Where stunning green mountains stretch for beyond the horizon and beautiful rolling white waves gently wash against the seashore.

Tropic Ball  v.1.0

Where are we going tonight? We are going to the beach! Seashore, sunshine, hot sand, exotic birds' twittering and the wash What else do you need to relax?You can get the dream world right now, without any visas and tickets, hotels and flights. Switch

Cnut  v.

Cnut the Great was a norse king who also ruled England in the 11th century. His loyal courtiers said he was so great, he could turn back the tide. Cnut knew his limitations, but had his throne carried to the seashore to prove a point.

Sunny Patio 3D Screensaver  v.1.0

Is there anything better than a summer travel to the sea? A travel that takes you back in time to the old and narrow streets leading you to the patio right by the seashore from where you will enjoy the fascinating sea view in front of your eyes.

NoiseMaker  v.1.201

Have you ever had a hard time concentrating at the office? Does your cubical-mates' constant chatter drive you crazy? Does the never ending stream of telephone calls make it hard to get anything done?

Brave Crab  v.1.31.68

Shifty Crab is upon the look for treasures. A game for children that involves them into the action, makes them feel real participants of the adventure and shifts children to many interesting locations with plenty of atmosphere,

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